McMaster Baja Racing: Get Dirty!

McMaster Baja Racing is a team of devoted undergraduate students at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario who work together to compete in the SAE Baja Series. The team designs, manufactures and races a single seat off road vehicle across North America every year.


128 Members, 10 HP 4 Wheels, 1 Goal

Consisting of over 40 students studying a variety of engineering disciplines; McMaster Baja Racing provides members with intimate technical and design experience through developing and producing a performance off-road vehicle. Students are provided the opportunity to gain specialized skills through on-going vehicle component development within specialized sub-teams consisting of: Chassis, Controls, Data Acquisition, Drivetrain, Ergonomics, and Suspension.

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Baja SAE 2017

McMaster Baja Racing had our strongest performance during the 2016-2017 official competition season with many successes and improvements. The team participated in two of three official international competitions in the United States; Baja SAE California in Gorman, California, and Baja SAE Kansas in Pittsburgh, Kansas. This season the team obtained overall placements within the top …

Epreuve du Nord 2017

Epreuve du Nord 2017 was a success! McMaster Baja traveled to Quebec City for Epreuve du Nord hosted by Laval University. We placed 1st overall in dynamic events and came 3rd in acceleration, 4th in suspension (losing by only .02s hand time). We placed 15th overall after coming 18th in endurance. Our new prototype trailing arms …

Now Recruiting!

We’re Recruiting! Want to get out and design, build and race some cars? McMaster Baja Racing is recruiting! Come out to info sessions September 7th and 8th 7-8pm at JHE 144. We will be talking about how the team runs and how you can join. If you would like to get started on Baja before …